Sunday, March 23, 2014

"I'll Start On Monday": Meet Melissa

I am so honored to feature Melissa of Fitgirlsrock.  Her passion for fitness is so evident and has inspired and motivated me on more than one occasion. 

Here is Melissa's story:

My fitness journey started in October of 2011. I didn’t have loads of weight to lose but I had dreams, goals and a vision of where I wanted to be. I would sometimes picture myself achieving those dreams and one day out of the blue, I woke up and said today is that day.

I have always been active. I played sports in high school and took up running while in university. I even dabbled in lifting weights here and there but I never really knew what I was doing so I would never stick to the weight-lifting aspect of it. I have also always been one of those people who watched what they ate, did every fad diet in the book but never really understood what ‘clean eating’ was all about or how to do it properly.

The first step on my journey was to hire a personal trainer; one who I felt confident had the background to get me where I wanted to be. He taught me how to lift properly, how to lift heavy and how to get your desired results through training hard and eating clean. He taught me the true meaning of clean eating and before long I was seeing dramatic improvements in not only my body but also my mind. I had confidence, I felt good about myself and I suddenly knew that I could do anything I put my mind to.

In November of 2012, I achieved one of my biggest goals to date. I stepped on stage to compete in the fitness category of a bodybuilding competition. Since then I have achieved many more of my fitness related goals but other life goals as well because I now know so much more about myself as a person. It has taught me that I am a very determined, strong individual who persists until she succeeds.

In the last 2 years, I have learned that fitness and motivating others are my greatest passions. I want others to believe in themselves and I want them to know that they can do it. This new found passion has led me to pursuing a career in personal training; it has given me the courage to take steps out of my comfort zone and to believing that I am the strong, badass women I always dreamed of being!! J

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Melissa is the perfect example of dedication and determination. She has worked hard, achieved dreams and found a passion.  Literally woke up one day and decided "today was the day." 

So I gotta ask, will you wake up tomorrow and decide that today is the day? Will you start on Monday?

Keep inspiring, 

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